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Oxygen Preaching PowerPoints Volume 13

Oxygen Preaching PowerPoints Volume 13


Oxygen 13 gives you over 450 Christian images, backgrounds, templates, and time-saving instructions on one easy to use CD-ROM. We'll also send you a quick reference catalog for easy image review. Here is a sample of what you will receive:

Oxygen’s 25 original, Scripture-inspired images powerfully illustrate sermon points, lesson plans, and corporate worship times.


All 25 images also come in versatile soft-edge variations that easily fit with any background to create beautiful custom slides (5 of 25 shown, all done in PNG files).

Oxygen’s 55 original templates serve as awesome backdrops to any sermon outline, Bible text or worship song lyrics (10 of 55 shown, all in JPEG and PowerPoint formats).


Unlike other PowerPoint templates, Oxygen’s templates and Scripture-inspired artwork come in hundreds of pre-built layouts tailored to preaching and worship, making it fast and easy to build original, first-class presentations. In just minutes you can enhance your service with contemporary graphics that breathe life into preaching and worship. With over 350 options to choose from, they’re sure to compliment your Sunday morning presentations (20 of 350 shown, all done in JPEG and PowerPoint-ready formats).


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